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An aerial view of a multicolored, deployable assembly designed by Jon Rule

Deploy 2.0

Elevation view of an intricate timber pavilion, with visitors standing and sitting underneath


A series of concrete samples fabricated via catenary curve formwork

Catenary Concrete Funicular Formwork

A detail photo of a robotically printed building envelope. Semi transparent plastic with a light shining from behind.

3D Printing Building Envelopes

Photo of the north house designed by Geoff Thun and Kathy Velikov at dusk with the lights on

North House

A kinetic sculpture made from a stretchy, robotically 3d printed mesh and 4 rings of various sizes


A photo of an exhibition of a series of 3d printed cement structural systems (Floor slab, column, column)

3D Printing with Engineered Cementitious Composites

Rendered street view of a building designed in collaboration with artificial intelligence | Design Engine del Campo Velikov

Design Engine

A 3d printed minimal surface used for concrete formwork, with a human standing next to it for scale

Robotic 3D Printing Concrete Formwork: Reusable and Recyclable

A detail photo of a cnc manufactured kinetic acoustic ceiling installation

Resonant Chamber

A detail shot of a wall made from stabilized poured earth

Fabric Formed Poured Earth

A rendering of a VR environment

Augmented Tectonics

A rendering of a house designed by Artificial Intelligence perched on the side of a mountain

Deep House

A digitally designed knit pavilion by Sean Ahlquist

Sensational Equilibria

Photo of an installation of a space frame structure constructed from milled tree crotches and wood rods

Tree Crotch Joinery

A wall of bubble-like inflatable forms with a human standing next to it for scale


Detail shot of a concrete study cast in knit formwork, with slumped acrylic showing through the gaps

Knit Casting

A speculative rendering of an alpine house utilizing custom sun-shading louvers.

Latitudo Borealis

Isometric view of a minimal surface, with the skeletal graph used to inform the design superimposed on top

Minimal Surfaces through Skeletal Graphs

A photo of a clear plastic robotically 3d printed topology optimized building envelope panel

3D Printing and Topology Optimization of Building Envelope

A tendril-like robotically printed plastic formwork for a concrete column.

3DPP Column

A photo of an installation of digitally fabricated slumped glass panels.

Long Range

Aerial view of a robotically fabricated, intricate timber pavilion sited in a natural preserve

Robotically Fabricated Structure

A study model of a structurally optimized tree-column

Trees on the Pareto Frontier

Computing Force Trajectory

A photo showing a colorful knit structure while multiple kids are using and playing with it.

Orchids Playscape

A detail photo of a wall assembly of robotically felted panels

Robotic Needle Felting

A grid of multicolored hempcrete samples pinned to a wall

Stool & Hempcrete Studies

Diagram of two robotic arms 3D printing part of a house.

Multi-Robot Cooperative 3D Printing

Two University of Michigan Bipedal robots standing in a testing grounds designed by Matias del Campo

The Robot Garden