Tsz Yan Ng

Associate Professor in Architecture

Tsz Yan Ng’s material-based research and design primarily focus on experimental concrete forming (hard) and textile manipulation (soft), often times in direct exchange, incorporating contemporary technologies to develop novel designs for building and manufacturing. A common thread to her work investigates questions of labor in various facets and forms – underscoring broader issues of industrial manufacturing innovation, of human labor, crafting, and aesthetics. She’s the principal of an independent architecture and art practice with built works in the US and China. She received an Architect Magazine R+D Award for Robotic Needle Felting, an AIA Upjohn Research Initiative Grant to explore concrete 3D printing, a New Researcher Award from ARCC, and most recently, in 2022, the Emerging Voices Award from The Architectural League of New York and an AIA Small Project Award for the timber pavilion project SPLAM. Her scholarly work includes co-editing for the book Twisted release in 2018, for the Journal of Architectural Education’s theme issue Work, and for Gradient Journal Feed #2, focusing on discourse from the Architectural Computational Design & Construction Cluster (ACDCC) at Taubman College. She served on the Board of Directors for ACADIA between 2019-2022 and is currently on the editorial board for the International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC).




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ARCH 509- Sartorial Architecture

ARCH 537 -Graduate Fabrication

ARCH 660 & 662 -Graduate Thesis: Concrete Labor

ARCH 660 & 662 -Graduate Thesis: Topology + timber