Rachael Henry

Digital Fabrication Lab Manager

Rachael received her bachelor of architecture from Ball State University and a master of architecture from Taubman College. She was a former assistant in the FabLab while earning her master’s degree, and she demonstrated a strong commitment to the community through her efforts to teach and train other students. She also participated in multiple Research Through Making projects while at the school and expanded her knowledge of Robotic Fabrication processes. After graduation, Rachael was awarded the Quarra Matter Fellowship and relocated to the Quarra Stone Company where she gained valuable experience in stone fabrication, robotic programming, and project management.

As the FABLab manager, Rachael now spends most of her time in the lab repairing machines, making new tools, researching robotic making methods such as extrusion and needle felting, consulting on current and prospective research projects, and expanding and exploring new ways to train and teach lab users. She is also an instructor for the ARCH 537 Fabrication course where she teaches basic robot programming and introduces students to various fabrication processes available at the FABLab.