Kathy Velikov




Kathy Velikov

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Creative Practice


Kathy Velikov is Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Creative Practice at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. She is a licensed Architect and founding partner of the research-based practice rvtr (www.rvtr.com), and the Vice President and former President of ACADIA (Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture). Her work investigates and experiments with the intertwinements across architecture, the environment, technology, and sociopolitics through design methods that mobilize systems-based approaches and computational design. Her work ranges from material prototypes that explore environment-aware behavioral building skin assemblies, to high-performance building design, to research on urbanism, infrastructure, and territorial practices explored through techniques of mapping and analysis, speculative design propositions, installations, and writing. Her academic research has been funded by U.S. DOE NREL, NSF, U.S. DOT, U.S. EPA, Canada’s NRC and SSHRC, the AIA Upjohn Research Initiative, Guardian Industries, and Ford Motor Company.




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ARCH 552 — Architectural Design V, Institutions
ARCH 562 – Architectural Design, Collectives
ARCH 672 – Architectural Design, Systems
ARCH 701 — Theories in Digital and Material Technologies